Machine Installation Debugging and Printing

Using our company's all kinds of overprinting screen printing machines, please pay attention to the following matters:

1.Machine installation:

It is suitable for all the machines our company produced,including A grade,E grade and S grade four color four station double wheel , six color six station double wheel,eight color eight station double wheel ,442.662.882 machines.

1)After the pallet arm installed on the disk,do not tighten the screws;Install the groove on the pallet arm,do not tighten the screws.


2)Install the screen frame arm disk on the central shaft, then fix the disk and the central shaft by fastening screw.

3)Put down the screen frame arm one by one and after all the screen frame arm go into the groove,adjust the groove and fix the screws.

4)Fix all the screws of the pallet arm and disk.


Important notes: screen frame arm connected with the disc in the factory has been positioning well, the connection screws of the screen frame arm and disc bearing can not be loose,do not fix screws when install and adjust the screen frame arm, otherwise it will cause tinted deviation.

If in the process of installing or using machine,the bearing is damaged;When change the bearing, all other screen frame arms should be fall into the fixed groove at first,and then put the bearing arm into the groove, then adjust the position of bearing and fix it.

2.Using methods:

1)When finished installing and debugging the machine, fix all the screws on the machine, and fix the pallet when positioning well.

2)Scraper the pallet adhesive on the pallet, and dry for a moment( the best status is when use finger to touch the adhesive ,it is sticky but not stick on the finger ).

3)Put the tshirt over the pallet, and make the tshirt on the right position and stick on the pallet.

4)Put the transparent film with mark on the tshirt, then stick it with tape and fix on the tshirt.

5)Clamp the finished screen plate on the screen frame head gently, manual move the screen frame(A type machine) or use the knob micro-adjusting (E type and S type machine), make sure the mark on the screen frame is on line with the mark on the film; After well positioning,fix the screen frame tightly; By analogy, the other three (four color) or five (six color machine) screen also need to be according to the order, and so on.

6)When finished all the screen frames' positioning and all the screen frames are fixed ,users can start the printing according to the print colors.

7)All the screen plates aim at the same one pallet, other pallets will finish the positioning automatically,there is no need to position every pallet.

3.Manual micro-adjust operation steps of A type screen printing machine:

1)Place the screen frame on the pallet, and fix it gently with the chuck knobs.

2)Move the mark on the screen plate by hand ,and make the mark to be coincide with the mark on the film.

3)After complete overlap ,fix the knob tighten the screen plate.

4.Overprinting micro-adjust operation steps of E type screen printing machine and S type screen printing machine:

1)Micro-adjust from left to right: at first place the screen frame near the mark ,tighten the screen plate slightly(the pressure should be up to be the same with the screen plate ),loose the two inner hexagon screws connected the chuck and screen frame, adjust the 4 red micro-adjust knobs from left to right ;Move the screen frame from left to right to be consistent with the mark on the pallet;Tighten the four knobs from left to right to fix the screen frame.

2)Micro adjust from front to back:put down the front two micro adjust parts and fixed , adjust the four micro adjust knobs from front to back, so that the mark of the plate can be consistent with the mark on the pallet; Tighten the four knobs from left to right to fix the screen frame.

3)When mark on the plate is completely conststent with the mark on the pallet, tighten and fix the screen frame.

4)Tighten the two hexagon socket head cap screws which connect the chuck and the screen frame.

5)Loose the fixed micro adjust knobs in the front. Move them to the chuck groove ,and fix again ,then can finish the micro adjust steps.

5.Matters need to pay attention in the process of screen printing :

1)When finished printing one color , surface of the substrate must be dry by the dryer or hair dryer,then user can start to print the second color (otherwise, the surface will stick paste because it is not dry or stick the plate when place the second screen plate).

2)The space between the screen frame mesh and surface of the Tshirt should be 1-2mm,the mesh itself has elasticity, after scraping the design, the mesh will pop-up,and it can make the surface of the design to be smooth (such as mesh surface and T-shirt fit closely, after lift up the screen frame, the screen frame will bring up some paste or ink, cause the design surface roughness).

The simple solution is placing 1-2 mm thickness board or strip under the front of the screen frame , and lift up the chuck part 1-2 mm, between the screen mesh surface with substrates have 1-2 mm intervals.

3)To the ordinary ink or dry material such as rubber paste, after scraping could make the screen design creates some residual material drying boards, serious can cause the screen frame invalid; when using this material should be used after shaving scraping board will printed materials back to 2-3 mm thickness on the silk screen design, and completely cover design part of the screen frame, it can greatly extend the printed material on the screen of the drying time, to avoid the situation of the boards. (such as using thermosetting inks, etc.).

4)After use of the screen frame, wash the screen frame with high pressure water, especially for the design section. Otherwise there will be a blocking situation; For printing ink, wash the screen frame with proper solvents, especially for the parts of the design to be cleaned thoroughly and then cleaned and preserved.