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006266:006266 SPE90120-24N Clamp Type Manual Screen Stretcher
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006266 SPE90120-24N Clamp Type Manual Screen Stretcher

Compared with the traditional 0.9* 1.2m manual stretcher, this machine adopts the overall design of simple operation, the whole machine can be divided and combined.There are a variety of practical and convenient functions, small package size to save freight fees, export packaging , transportation safety:

1.the machine adopts a combined design: After installation, the size of the machine is 2.0*2.3*0.8 M, and the volume is 3.7 cubic meters; The outer packing size of the machine is 1.5*0.6*0.5 M, and the package volume is 0.45 cubic meters. Packaging volume is only 12% of the size of the whole machine; The machine is equipped with a full set of installation tools, users only need to follow the installation instructions to install the whole machine easily.

2.The machine is packaged with export standard fumigation-free board, and all parts are separated by foam board. Ensure that all parts do not knock against wear, transportation is safer. At the same time because of the small size of the package, freight is cheaper, especially suitable for export container transport.

3.The surface of all metal parts of the machine are electrostatic spraying treatment, acid and alkali corrosion resistance; Anti - friction cleaning, perennial use does not fade.

4.There are mesh clamp handle to increase bar support, and it is more labor-saving to press the handle;

5.Pressure rubber strip using M type design, and rubber strip using high quality rubber, tasteless, moderate hardness. Pressure is more stronger.

6.There are 4 pieces aluminum alloy beams installed on the frame placement platform of this machine. The distance between the beams is 32 cm, which can be suitable for placing single or multiple simultaneously stretching mesh of various sizes within 0.9*1.2 meters of the outer diameter.

7.The machine adopts double lifting table rocker, lifting up the screen frame is more stable after gluing;

8.The height of the whole machine can be adjusted in 9cm according to the needs of the operator ;

9. The machine is installed with brake castor, according to the need the operator can move the machine or brake positioning machine;

10. There is a bar installed on the top of the machine to place mesh . After installation mesh can be dragged to fit the screen frame. It is more convenient, faster and cleaner to press the mesh.

11. The machine is specially equipped with two 22* 15cm storage racks at both ends of the machine, which can be used to place materials and tools .

12.The machine is equipped with three layers mesh rack between two legs, which can be placed 5 rolls mesh.


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