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006552:006552 SPE-SD31HL Three Color One Station Ribbon Screen Printing Machine with Dryer
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006552 SPE-SD31HL Three Color One Station Ribbon Screen Printing Machine with Dryer

Ribbons are widely used in our daily life, and with various specifications and colors. Ribbons of different colors represent different meanings -- yellow ribbons symbolized "safe return"; Green ribbon symbolized "health and love"; Red ribbon symbolized the beginning of love. Ribbon is a strip of flexible material, usually made of cloth.

Ribbon generally does not have words or patterns. Printing words or various patterns on the ribbon will make the ribbon more clearly expressed and raise the value of the ribbon to a new height.

Most of the existing ribbon printing machines on the market are automatic equipment, which is only suitable for printing with the same pattern in large quantities. There is no way to print small quantities (e.g. 100-300 meters). The market for printing ribbons in small batches needs to be very broad.

Our company is specialized in the designing and producing three colors ( within three colors) screen printing machine,and users can print three colors or patterns on the same ribbon,print various ribbons with width of 1.5, 2,2.5, 3,4 cm .

Basic functions of the machine

1.The machine is designed for stand up operation, and the user can operate on the seat. The platform plate is 56 cm away from the ground, and the machine is equipped with an adjustment foot, the operator can increase the height of the machine within 18 cm according to needs (the height of the printing table can be adjusted from 56 to 74 cm).

2.Pallet size is 40*50 cm, and it is suitable for screen frame inner size 35 cm wide, 50 cm long; Printing size is 30 cm wide and 44 cm long (within 44 cm of ribbon length at a time).

3.To guarantee the accuracy of the printing, the machine is equipped with five different width installation mold:
1.5 cm ribbon user can print 14 pieces at a time (the length of the ribbon should less than 44 cm) 2 cm ribbon user can print 11 pieces at a time
2.5 cm ribbon user can print 9 pieces at a time
3 cm ribbon user can print 8 pieces at a time
4 cm ribbon user can print 6 pieces at a time

4.Ribbon roll up in a roll ,the roller device can place ribbon which the maximum diameter is 15cm (the diameter of the 100-meter long roll ribbon is 15cm).

5.The roller device is equipped with clamping pin and anti-slewing ratchet device, which can effectively control the positioning and reversing of the winding wheel, so that the ribbon can be take back accurately .

6.This machine is three-color printing, and equipped with carbon fiber far-infrared dryer, each color printing chuck can be adjusted up and down, left and right,forward and back ; It is simple, convenient and accurate to print.

7.Dryer can be installed directly on the host disk,and it is equipped with far infrared probe (attach the dryer operation instruction) and the locating slot, after printing a color, rotate the dryer to the pallet, the positioning beads stuck positioning groove is fixed above the pallet, far-infrared dryer probe turn on automatically (heating time can be adjusted), after drying rotary dryer (automatic shutdown) next color printing, and so on.

8.Requirements for making plate
Length:the length of the printed pattern should be within 44 cm
Printing width: Each space between two ribbons is 4mm,the center space of the two adjacent ribbons is:
1.5cm ribbon:19mm
2cm ribbon:24mm
2.5cm ribbon:29mm
3cm ribbon:34mm
4cm ribbon:44mm

Operation method:

1. The pallet is flat and coating glue to the pallet glue to the appropriate viscosity;

2.Spread the pallet paper flat on the surface of the pallet which coating with glue (if the operator is particularly experienced, also do not need the paper. The operator can print directly on the pallet );

3.Place isolation paper on the pallet paper (to prevent the ribbon from being glued during installation, and remove it after installation);

4.Install the mould: according to the width of the printed ribbon, change the corresponding size mould.

5.Install the ribbon: the optical axis passes through the center hole of the ribbon coil
Adjust the position of the ribbon roll according to the position of the mould
Lock 4 positioning rings on both sides of the ribbon roll
Pass each ribbon through the adjustment shaft and the printing surface to the winding place

6.Install the rewinding ribbon: prepare the rewinding hose and isolation disc of corresponding size according to the size of the ribbon
Install the rewinding rubber hose, positioning and isolation disk on the rewinding reel
Place the reel on the fixed ribbon card slot
Pass each ribbon through the adjusting shaft and press the clip through the ribbon into the corresponding winding rubber hose
After the completion of the appropriate adjustment, place each ribbon and positioning device as accurate as possible
Put the locating rubber hose on both sides of the reel on the disconnecting disc
The reel is placed in the positioning card slot
Put down the pins on both sides and fix the reel in the card slot
Put the rotary card on the ratchet wheel
Turn the handle so that all ribbons are flat on the pallet
After installation, remove isolation paper, ready for printing.

7.Install the screen plate, and overprint according to the positioning mark on the screen plate, turn on the dryer power, and adjust the heating time.

8.Printing: The first color printing, rotate the dryer to the surface to dry;
Complete drying, cooling (use a blower to speed up cooling)
The second color printing, turn the dryer to the surface to dry;
Repeat the above steps.

9.After printing, using stainless steel shaft to roll from the bottom of one side of the ribbon to the other side to completely separate the ribbon from the pallet.

10.Roll the rewinding wheel and take the printed ribbon back into the roll.

11.Repeat 8-10 steps to complete batch printing.


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