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007359:Flat Head Water-based Squeegee
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Flat Head Water-based Squeegee



Squeegee also named scraper , is an important tool in screen printing .

Squeegee which used for scraping ink on screen printing machine for both manual or machine ,is composed by rubber blade and wooden handle ( or aluminium alloy handle ), insert rubber blade into handle , fix it with pushpin , and then polish it after assembly .

Our wooden handle squeegee have below advantages :

1 ,it is produced professionally , rubber blade and wooden handle connected firmly , sturdy and durable .

2 , we choose good quality timber to make wooden handle , polish carefully according to ergonomic design .the curve handle we cut is very smooth and comfortable.

3 , The rubber blade is made by import rubber and produced under high temperature and pressure .it has strong resistance to compression and can bear pressure higher than 2000lbs that makes it can scrape ink more evenly and durable , it also has resistance to wear and oil.

Water-based squeegee 65 shore.

Oiliness squeegee 75 shore.

We should choose different material and squeegee according to different paste and ink .

Squeegee include water-based and oiliness squeegee.

Water-based squeegee is more softer and suitable for paste print while oiliness squeegee is more hard and suitable for ink print.

Flat Head Water-based Squeegee detail picture


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