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006009:SPE-HJT Screen Printing Set With Hinge Clamps
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SPE-HJT Screen Printing Set With Hinge Clamps



This set is composed of 2-3 hinge clamps as the frame clamp, and there is gravity connection device combined with the hinge clamps.This set can overcome the shortcoming of the traditional hinge clamps. For example when we use the traditional hinge clamps, we have to control the frame by hand, then we just have one hand to change the printing product. But when we use this set, we can makesure the screen frame at any angle within the lift, we just pressthe screen frame gently when we need to print.


The functions and features of this machine:

1.This set can adjust the gravity disk's position according to users' needs, and it is suitable for screen frames below 3KG; the effect can almost reach the ordinary print machine, especially suitable for those printing beginners.

2.There are three long holes in the set, we can install 2-3 hinge clamps, and it is suitable for screen frames with the width in 60cm(24inch). If we use two sets, the width can be 160cm(63inch).

3.By adjusting the supporting screw bolt, we can adjust the screen lift angle to adapt to the screen frame.

4.This set can be installed in the wood directly, and we just need to install the hinge clamp in the desk.

5.The weight: 2.8KG(6.3LB) The package: 36*33*8cm(14*13*3inch).

6.The main components of the set are stainless steel and electrostatic spraying materials. It is corrosion resistance, no rust, and there are configuration installation tools very easy to operate.

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SPE-HJT Screen Printing Set With Hinge Clamps
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