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006155:S4050 Three -Directions Micro Adjust Vacuum Screen Printing Table
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006155-----SPE-S4050 Three -Directions Micro Adjust Vacuum Screen Printing Table

The working principle of the vacuum table is to drive the impeller rotation by the motor of the suction pump, so as to compress and stretch the air in the pump chamber with fixed volume to form a vacuum (negative pressure). The pressure difference between the pump air inlet and the external atmospheric pressure is generated. Under the action of the pressure difference, the gas pressure (suction) is put into the pump chamber and then discharged from the exhaust port. The air inlet of the vacuum screen printing machine is through hundreds to thousands of small holes on the printing surface.The substrate is placed on the suction surface by the negative pressure of the gas to form a pressure difference, so that the substrate adsorption on the surface. Main advantages of vacuum screen printing machine:
1, the substrate can be tightly adsorbed on the table surface, to prevent the substrate affected by external force to move;
2, After the completion of printing to prevent the substrate move along with the ink because of the viscosity of the substrate;
3, After positioning of the substrate position, it can provide start and close the suction pump placement to place substrate more accurate.


Suitable for all kinds of high precision and fine plane screen printing, especially for light and thin products, such as paper, plastic sheet, CD, credit card,PCB, as well as all kinds of film, card, board and paper. Such as all kinds of transfer printing paper, all kinds of PVC, PET, PC and other soft, hard film, all kinds of board, film, paper, nameplate, and other products. It can also be used for the fine printing of heavy and thick products, such as paper boxes, glass, wood boards, metal plates, signage, various plastic boards and other materials.

Not suitable for cloth, ribbons, handkerchiefs and other textile products.

Printing textile products are recommended to use the scraping pallet glue of the screen.

Basic functions:

This screen printing table uses 2 mm stainless steel plate laser cutting, table area is 400*500 mm; Vacuum area is 420*315 mm; Suction hole diameter is 1 mm; The spacing of air holes is 15 mm. The quantity of air holes are 638 (22 rows in horizontal direction and 29 rows in vertical direction).

Fine three - directions micro adjust screen printing head;It can be micro adjusted through the knob up and down , forward and back 20 mm, left and right 20 mm ;
Place the substrate on the table surface and start the vacuum pump. Clamp the screen frame after aligning the screen pattern with the substrate.
Height adjustment: place the screen frame flat on the platform. According to the substrate height or printing requirements, rotate the up and down adjustment handle to reach the appropriate height, and lock the height through the two rear positioning handles.
Left and right adjustment: loosen the handle on both sides of the nose, and rotate the handle to move slightly left and right as required; When it is done,tighten both handles.
Back and forward adjustment: first, slightly loosen the four red knobs on the front of the chuck, then loosen the fine-tuning knobs on both sides of the front of the chuck and make front and rear fine-tuning as required. After the fine-tuning, tighten the knob and tighten the four red knobs on the top of the chuck.

Screen frame chuck width is 288 mm, height is 80 mm, and it can be suitable for the use of a variety of screen frame with the thickness below 50 mm , screen frame chuck installed with four fixed handle , and the dedicated screen frame depression bar, fixed frame stress uniform, fixed frame more firmly.

The static balance is adjusted by gravity balance plate when the screen frame is lifted (the machine is equipped with 3 gravity balance plates, which can be installed individually or 3 installed together according to the need of balance). The gravity balance plate can move forward and backward by 100mm as required; If the frame weight is too big,heavy object can be added on the top of the balance frame gravity hole.
The lifting angle of the screen frame can be adjusted by screws in the lower part of the balance frame. The height of the screen frame after lifting can be adjusted as required.

When substrate area is small, adsorption will reduce, users can cover the blowholes around the substrate with plastic sheets or paper to increase the adsorption of substrate.

The main body of the machine adopts advanced electrostatic spraying metal surface treatment, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, cleaning resistance, no rust, long-term use; Some parts are made of stainless steel.

Equipped with a full set of installation tools and detailed installation instructions; Easy installation without additional tools.

Export to Europe and America standard fumigation-free wooden box packaging, all kinds of metal parts in the box are individually packaged or placed in isolation to ensure that all kinds of metal parts do not contact directly;

The machine is desktop type
Desktop machine size: 650 mm long; 400 mm wide and 400 mm high;
Height from the table top: 150 mm;

Applicable screen frame:

The machine is suitable for screen frame of various materials with inner diameter of 400mm wide, length of 500mm and thickness of 50mm. The recommended printing area is 300 mm wide and 400 mm long.


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