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006196:006196 SPE-K55L floor type stand and sit universal five color five station double wheel screen printing machine
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006196 SPE-K55L?floor?type?stand?and?sit?universal?five?color?five?station?double?wheel?screen?printing?machine

This machine is used for printing T-shirt or cloth products within five colors, equipped with five independent printing stations.

the machine adopts adjustable height rack; The height of the rack can be adjusted according to the operator's height and working habits; The adjustment range from the ground is 58-109 cm; The operator can work by standing or sitting on a chair according to the height of therack.

1,Casters are installed at the bottom of the rack to move the machine at any time;

2,The machine covers an area of 180 cm in diameter;

3,Pallet and screen frame part can be 360 degrees of arbitrary rotation;

4,Screen frame clamp width is 240 mm, 68 mm high, suitable for all kinds of screen frame height within50 mm;

5,Clamp can be adjusted by 2cm according to the substrate height .

6,Using magnet adsorption control screen frame lift balance

7,The pallet can move backwards or forwards within 10cm(4inch).

8,Special tips: the screen plate lift up is controlled by the magnet installed on the back of the support plate , adjust the distance between the feet and the iron plate, so that the support plate and the main shaft iron plate can keep parallel, keep the magnet and shelf iron plate 1-2 mm distance, to prevent the magnet contact with the iron plate directly and broke the magnet.

9,This shelf can adjust five height ranges according to height requirements;

10,The diameter of the lowest adjusting height of this shelf is 95 cm, and the diameter of the highest adjusting height is 135cm;

11,When this shelf wants to move, it can raise four supporting feet, so that the wheel lands, it can be pushed to move;


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