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006566:E225 Desktop Three Directions Micro Adjust Screen Printer
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E225 Desktop Three Directions Micro Adjust Screen Printer

Basic functions:

1,The chuck is 225mm wide and 66mm high, and it is suitable for all kinds of screen frames with thickness below 50mm.There are three grille fixing handles installed in the chuck , it is stronger to fix the screen frame.

2,Lifting gravity balance plate of the screen frame can move 100mm forward and back according to needs (the machine is equipped with 3 gravity balance plates, which can be installed individually or together according to the need of balance). If the frame weight is too big, heavy object can be added on the top of the balance frame gravity hole. The middle part of the balance frame is equipped with a height handle which can adjust the height of the screen frame after lifting according to the need.

3,The size of the printing table is 450*300 mm; Table is equipped with ruler, and it can accurately place the substrate;

4,The chuck can be adjusted by the rear support screw and handle to be raised or lowered by 180mm;It is suitable for all kinds of surface printing products within the height of 180 mm;

5,Pallet can be micro adjusted in 20mm by four adjustment handles; Release the handle on one side and use the other handle on the other side to push the platform slightly. After adjusting the position, tighten the four handles on both sides to fix the pallet.

6,Pallet adjustment forward and back;by adjusting the handle of the front of the pallet to move the pallet accurately .

7,Equipped with a roll of 8 positioning adhesive blocks, positioning blocks are directly pasted on the 2-3 sides of the substrate that has been placed. The substrate can be accurately fixed in a specific position to ensure the accurate positioning and printing of all the substrate. (the positioning adhesive blocks can be removed after use and then used again, the pallet will not leave glue,when it is poor adhesion can continue to use thousands of times after washing with water).

8,The main body of the machine adopts advanced electrostatic spraying metal surface treatment, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, cleaning resistance, no rust, long-term use; Some parts are made of stainless steel.

9,This machine adopts split structure,and it is equipped with a full set of installation tools and detailed installation instructions; Easy installation without additional tools.

10,Adopts the standard carton packaging exported to Europe and America, all kinds of metal parts in the box are individually packaged or placed in isolation, to ensure that all kinds of metal parts do not contact directly; All the empty parts in the box are filled with foam sheets or bubble bags to ensure that the carton does not deform during transportation and prevent damage to the machine parts in the box.


Suitable for all kinds of plane product printing, such as electronic circuit board, paper box, glass, board, metal plate, sign, all kinds of plastic board, etc.

It is not recommended to use for cloth, ribbons, ribbons (if the printed cloth needs to be coated with scraping board glue), paper, thin plastic sheets and other light materials (these materials are too light, after the printing, the screen frame may be stuck together with the back of the screen board and cannot be removed, causing waste products).

Paper, thin plastic sheets and other lighter materials are recommended to use suction screen printer ;

Cloth, ribbon, and other textile printing is recommended to use the scraping pallet glue of the screen.

Applicable screen frame:

The machine is suitable for screen frame of various materials with inner diameter 300 mm wide, length 450 mm and thickness 50 mm.
The recommended printing area is 240 mm wide and 370 mm long.


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