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098300:Stainless Steel Vacuum Platen Use for All Kinds of Size
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Customized Stainless Steel Vacuum Pallet



This stainless steel vacuum pallet size can also be customized , and it can be used separately or together with different screen printing equipment , price depend on size and quantity . our standard pallet size is 50*60cm.

This pallet is mainly used for plastic sheet , paper , thin sheet-metal something very light and need adsorbed on pallet to avoid the it moves during printing or be taken together with frame when lifting frame .

1.The pallet surface adopt 2mm stainless steel plate with laser drilling , the drilling hole diameter is 1mm , and 14mm between holes .

2.The main supporting structure adopt aluminium alloy material and seal the whole pallet to avoid leaking air .

3 ,In back of the pallet , it has mute vacuum fan and exhaust air in side with less vibration .

4.It has foot pedal to control the fan , press pedal and the fan will stop operating , we can put the print material easily , and then release the pedal, the print material will be adsorbed on the pallet .

5.We can make different size according to request , price depend on size and quantity .

Our standard pallet size is 60*50cm (24*20inch ) can be installed in desktop directly , and can also use with our screen printing machine .

Suction holes' position :

Suction holes' diameter : 1mm
Adjacent suction holes'space : 14mm
Suction holes'area : 52.5*42cm(21*17inch)
Quantity of the suction holes :1044
Thickness of the stainless steel sheet : 2mm
Power of the vacuum pump : 240W

SPE11XZ desktop stainless steel vacuum screen press

Product code : 006220(110V) 006221(220V)
                                  Votlage : (110V) / (220V)


SPE41XZ four color one station
desktop single wheel vacuum
platen screen printing machine




Product code :

006222(110V) 006223(220V)

Votlage :

(110V) / (220V)



SPE41XL four color one station floor type
single wheel vacuum platen four colors
screen printing machine







Product code :

006226(110V) 006227(220V)

Votlage :

(110V) / (220V)





SPE311XHL three color one station floor type single
wheel with dryer and vacuum platen screen printing
machine three functions all-in-one screen press










Product code :

006228(110V) 006229(220V)

Votlage :

(110V) / (220V)





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