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006538:SPE-XTS4060 Special Screen Printer for Various Small Boxes
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006538 SPE-XTS4060 Special Screen Printer for Various Small Boxes

This screen printer is suitable for: carton, iron box, plastic box, wooden box and other plane boxes which printing size is within 60mm *60mm, and the actual printing pattern size is within 400*240 mm.
The screen frame is suitable for all kinds of frames with maximum outer diameter within 460*350 mm and thickness within 30 mm .
Only need one person , especially suitable for small batch carton, iron box screen printing.

Accurate printing positioning, positioning in various ways

1.Carton positioning printing: the machine frame is equipped with 4 clamping positioning blocks at both ends, which can directly jam the box body edge positioning; 4 positioning blocks with pins (1.2 mm in diameter) are installed on both sides of the main frame. Pressed down after edge positioning. The positioning pins are directly inserted into the carton for printing after complete positioning.

2.Iron box positioning printing: the machine frame has a clamping positioning block at both ends, which can directly jam the box body edge positioning; 4 magnet positioning plates are installed on both sides of the main frame. After the edge positioning, press down the printing table. The magnet is directly attached to the surface of the iron box for complete positioning and then printing.

3.Positioning printing of plastic boxes, non-iron boxes, wooden boxes, etc. : according to the outside size of the printed products, install positioning plates on both ends of the main frame and stick the two sides of the box for printing.

Easy operation, fast and comfortable printing;

1.Just loosen four screws to install the screen frame, and the screen frame can be directly put into the shelf. Tighten the screws to fix the screen frame, and then fix both ends of the strip card plate to completely fix the screen frame.

2.Squeegee rack can prevent squeegee dumping, and it is clean and tidy;

3.Handles equipped on both sides ,and it is easy to lift the whole machine to move;

4.According to the case, both sides of the clamping edge positioning block can be unilateral installation or double-sided installation;

Reasonable structure design, solid and stable overall machine

The overall machine adopts steel plate and special aluminum alloy material which surface is oxidized treatment . Two long strips card to ensure the stability of the whole machine; All parts can be moved according to the screen frame and printing pattern, so as to achieve the most accurate positioning. The operation is easy and the movement is convenient.
Except for aluminum alloy material, the other parts of the machine adopt electroplating surface treatment, corrosion resistance, clean resistance, long-term use without rust.
All metal parts are cut by high quality steel plate with a thickness of 2mm laser. Some parts have long mounting holes for convenient adjustment.

Requirements and packaging for export to Europe and America, small volume, light weight;

Equipped with a full set of installation tools and detailed installation instructions, and equipped with spare parts for replacement; Users can easily install and use it without additional tools
Export to Europe and America standard five layer carton packing, all kinds of metal parts in the box are individually packed or placed in isolation, to ensure that all kinds of metal parts do not touch directly.
The packing size is 65*10*10 cm (0.015 m3), the net weight is 3 kg, the transportation cost is lower.


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