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007003:Ink jet print film for A4 plate (compatible laser print)
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Laser & Inkjet Universal Transparent Printing Film



Product introduction :

Laser & inkjet universal transparent printing film adopt 0.1mm PET as the material , surface has frosting & coating ( coating can not be peeled off ), the polyester film material with high strength is hard , different to lose shape ,can be stocked for a long time , resist to pressure /wear/ folding/high temperature , water proof & antimoth. It has ink absorb coating which has a strong ink absorbing ability with fast speed and can restore ink color , can be used for inkjet printer of dye and pigment , can also used for laser printer , it is a very practical material .

Product character :

1.Unique printing & coating technology , support high performance print , firm pattern , can be used for print high quality picture .

2.It has special heat treatment , size stable and very little shrink after be printed by laser printer under high temperature .

3.Special electrostatic prevention and weather fastness treatment , can keep stable print performance under different climate and temperature .

4.Suitable for a long-term storage , can not stick to each other .

5.It has a wide application , applied to all kinds of inkjet and laser printer .

6.Environmental protection non- toxic coating , and doesn't produce any smell or harmful gas .

7.High transparency to guarantee the exposure quality .

Scope of application :

Used for screen printing plate , gilt plate , transfer print steel plate

Print method :

Print side : one side print , the print side is the one with coating treatment , sticky and rough Inkjet print set up : black & white print , photo quality level .

Reminder :

1.The black color in film should be black enough , for easier check you can put the film in glass window and observe if there is any part bright or not black enough , if yes , we can use cotton swab with dipping black ink and correct these parts until all part in pattern is completely light proof and black enough .
2.We suggest print film in professional film produced company if the film have transitional colors ,point , human , scenery and so on .
3.It's better to use original ink cartridge , ink (inkjet printer) and toner cartridge , Toner for home printer ,otherwise will have flaw and need correct the plate .

Product specification :

A4 :210*297mm
A3 :297*420mm

Product pictures:


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