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007397:Flat Head Squeegee Blade 75 Shore
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France Fimor Rubber Blade 50*9 Green 75 Shore



The high quality rubber blade which Fimor company produced is fully computer controlled in the productive process ,effectively avoid bubble and needle hole, each rubber blade is completely inspected before leaving factory .

This rubber blade is resist to solvent / wear , and has been widely used.

Please note :


(1).use weakly diluted solvent to wash.

(2).don't soak the rubber blade in solution.

(3).don't use below solvent when washing , cyclohexanone , acetone , VYNIL PYROLDOREMEK , carbohydrate and so on.

2.Stock :

(1).Put flat on tool and leave blade up after using / washing.

(2).Avoid direct sunlight.

(3).Stock in constant temperature / humidity , the best temperature is 15℃-25℃.

(4).Put flat immediately after receive a new roll of rubber blade , use after 24 hours.

(5).Put in a ventilated place to make sure solvent can volatilize rapidly.

(6).Avoid any dust.

3.Caution for use :

(1).Wash it each 4 hours during using , place flat and repeat using after solvent volatilized about 3 hours , this will prolong the life about 0.5-1 times.

(2).Do not use heat rubber blade anymore after high speed blade , even use mild solvent wash , need about 2 hours at least for another repeat use.

(3).The rubber blade is permeable under the higher temperature , and solvent will corrode rubber if clean at this time.

(4).Clean it asap after cooling to avoid ink dry & left on rubber.

Product name : Fimor rubber blade

Product model :50*9

Specification :50*9*3660mm/roll

Hardness :75 shore(green)

Shape : flat


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