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007431:Aluminium Alloy Squeegee Handle (height 9.5cm )
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Aluminium Alloy Squeegee Handle (height 9.5cm )



Squeegee also named scraper , is a very important tool in screen printing .

Aluminium alloy squeegee is a durable squeegee combined by handle & rubber blade ( rubber blade can be replaced randomly ) .It has below advantages:

1.Wooden handle squeegee can only use two side of rubber blade , as for aluminium alloy handle squeegee can replaced the rubber blade , so four side of rubber blade is can be used . two times utilization rate of wooden handle squeegee rubber .

2.Adopt high quality aluminium alloy , resist to corrosion & rust . washable & do not lose shape .

3.The handle following ergonomic comfort design ,has curve shape & smooth handle , easy to operate , very comfortable .

Installation method :

1.According to frame size , cut suitable aluminium alloy handle length ( need professional slitting saw or handsaw ) ,please note , the cut position should avoid the part where fix screw.

2.Following the handle length , cut the same length of rubber blade (can use knife or handsaw).

3.Insert the rubber blade into the handle opening , and then fix the screw tightly .


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