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006598:006598 SPE-QM3080 Large curved screen printing machine
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006598 SPE-QM3080 Large curved screen printing machine

This machine is mainly used for cylindrical, conical type products; Such as large and medium-sized plastic drums, iron oil drums, stainless steel drums, garbage cans, etc.,it can also be used for conical barrels, etc.

Drums 30 to 80 centimeters (12 to 31 inches) in diameter can be used.

Printing pattern width (left and right) within 60 cm (24 inches); The printed pattern is within 50 cm (20 inches) in length (front and back).

1,The screen plate front and back push-pull structure, one hand press down the squeegee rack; The other hand pull the screen frame to complete the printing.

2,Double height adjustment structure to suit printing of different diameters

1),The rear main frame is manually fine-tuned height with a maximum adjustment distance of 20cm. Loosen the connecting bolts of the main frame and adjust the lifting handle by hand . After reaching the appropriate height, tighten the connecting bolts of the main frame to complete the height adjustment.

2),The substrate support rack manually fine adjustment height, the maximum adjustment distance is 15 cm; Loosen the upper and lower connecting bolts of the support rack; Adjust the lifting handle manually. After reaching the appropriate height, tighten the upper and lower connecting bolts of the support frame to complete the height adjustment.

3),For taper drum printing, it can be realized by adjusting the different heights of the four substrate support rack. By adjusting the height of the support rack, the top of the taper drum is horizontal and fits with the bottom of the screen plate.

3,Both sides can adjust the length of the limit bar 45 cm, used to locate the placement of the substrate, the maximum distance between the two bar is 135 cm; The minimum distance is 25cm, the lever can be adjusted up and down, can be used according to the need to use the limit on one side or both sides .

4,Connect the screen plate sliding three optical axis on both ends are installed finite position ring, can lock the screen plate movement distance according to the pattern printing distance;

5,the frame baffle is used to lock the screen plate, prevent the problem of the front and back movement of the screen frame may be loose or fall off ;

6,It is equipped with the frame fixed handle directly installed on the frame, the front and rear push-pull is more convenient.

7,The lifting height of the screen plate can be adjusted. The fixed optical shaft seat on both sides of the sponge tube optical shaft is completed.

8,the scraper fixed rack can be moved back and forth, the shortest distance from the scraper blade to the frame chuck is 33 cm; the longest is 60cm (additional extension plate is required)

9,The rubber can be directly installed on the scraper rack, or the scraper with the wooden handle can be fixed on the scraper rack by using self-tapping screw the tapping wire. The width of the scraper rack is 24cm.

10,Substrate support rack can be adjusted back and forth according to needs, the maximum spacing back and forth is 45 cm; Minimum spacing is 15 cm;

11,The base is equipped with 8 pieces adjusted 20cm high support feet; Equipped with casters; When it is necessary to move the machine, loosen the supporting foot and when the bottom of the supporting bowl is higher than the casters to move the machine.


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